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The K Club

The K Club, Kildare is

41 reviews

Golfshake Rating 4.7 / 5


Auchmill Golf Club

Auchmill Golf Club, Grampian is an 18 hole, par 70 (5939 yard), private, parkland golf course designed by Brian Hugget, Neil Coles and Roger Dyer in 1975.

24 reviews

Golfshake Rating 3.72 / 5


Hazlehead Golf Course

Hazlehead Golf Course is an 18 hole club with the par 70 (6224 yard) No.1 Course by Alistair McKenzie and par 67 (5764 yard) No. 2 course by Hugget, Coles & Dyer. A private parkland golf course.

105 reviews

Golfshake Rating 3.49 / 5


Kings Links Golf Course

Kings Links Golf Course, Grampian is an 18 hole, par 71 (6296 yard), public, links golf course.

83 reviews

Golfshake Rating 3.87 / 5


Newmachar Golf Club

Newmachar Golf Club, Grampian is a 36 hole club with the 18 hole, par 72 (6740 yard) Hawkshill & 18 hole (6323 yard) Swailend Courses. A private, parkland golf course designed by Dave Thomas in 1990.

38 reviews

Golfshake Rating 4.27 / 5


Oceânico Pinhal Golf Course

Oceânico Pinhal Golf Course, Faro is 18 holes Par 72 designed by Frank Pennink

134 reviews

Golfshake Rating 4.43 / 5


Oceânico Old Course

Oceânico Old Course, Faro is 18 holes Par 73 (6254m yards) designed by Frank Pennink

139 reviews

Golfshake Rating 4.69 / 5


Westhill Golf Club

Westhill Golf Club, Grampian is an 18 hole, par 70 (5813 yard), private, parkland golf course established in 1977.

18 reviews

Golfshake Rating 4.13 / 5


Oceânico Laguna Golf Course

Oceânico Laguna Golf Course, Faro is designed by Joseph Lee

101 reviews

Golfshake Rating 4.18 / 5


Oceânico Millennium Course

Oceânico Millennium Course, Faro is an 18 hole, par 72, private, golf course designed by Martin Hawtree in 2000

151 reviews

Golfshake Rating 4.47 / 5


Oceânico Victoria Golf Course

Oceânico Victoria Golf Course, Faro is 18 holes Par 72 (6609m yards) designed by Martin Hawtree

104 reviews

Golfshake Rating 4.57 / 5


Monte Rei Golf & Country Club

The Monte Rei golf courses are set in the picturesque foothills of the Eastern Algarve, with sweeping views of the Serra do Caldeira mountains.

38 reviews

Golfshake Rating 4.92 / 5


Salgados Golf Club

Salgados Golf Club, Faro is designed by Pedro Vasconcellos

87 reviews

Golfshake Rating 4.45 / 5


Glen Annie Golf Club

Glen Annie Golf Club, California is

0 reviews

Golfshake Rating 0 / 5


Oceânico Faldo Golf Course

Oceânico Faldo Golf Course, Faro is an 18 hole, par 72 (6604 metre) golf course designed by Nick Faldo in 2008.

89 reviews

Golfshake Rating 4.65 / 5


Oceânico O'Connor Golf Course

Perfectly complementing the Faldo Course, whilst taking advantage of the rich valley soil in contrast to the arid hillside, Christy O'Connor Jnr's course at Amendoeira offers no less of a challenge. Large areas of water demand accurate play and creative shot making, and these lakes and streams are to be maintained as a wildlife sanctuary.

65 reviews

Golfshake Rating 3.9 / 5


Trump International Golf Links, Scotland

Trump International Golf Links, Aberdeen is an 18 hole, par 72 (7428 yard), private, links golf course designed by Dr. Martin Hawtree

29 reviews

Golfshake Rating 4.73 / 5